Liturgy Commission

The Liturgy Commission consists of people from the Liturgical Ministries, together with other lay parish members who are interested in making the Liturgy become more meaningful. The Liturgy Commission meets when needed. For information, direct email to:

Liturgy Planning

This ministry meets prior to the major Liturgical seasons of Advent, Lent and Pentecost to study the appropriate readings for the season and decide upon a meaningful theme with songs and Art & Environment for the season. For information, direct email to:

Collection Counters

After Mass on Sunday money counters count the funds collected from Mass on Saturday and Sunday. They record and deposit these funds in the bank. For information, direct email to:

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers serve and assist the Celebrant in the Reception of the Holy Eucharist and Sacred Cup at the 4:15 Mass on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday, as well as Holy days. The responsibility of the Eucharistic Ministers is to hold the Sacred Bread, to hold the Sacred Cup, and to wash the Sacred Vessels. For information, direct email to:

Adult Choir

The Choir is responsible for leading the assembly in song. In addition to weekly rehearsals, a commitment to the Holy Spirit and Service to God is required. Adult Choir rehearsals are held every Wednesday from 7-9 PM. Young adults 12-19 years of age are invited to join the adult choir. For information, direct email to:

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir serves the same purpose as the adult choir. This choir gives much joy to the Church and is a vital part o f our Liturgy; their rehearsals are on Saturday morning from 11-12 from September through May. Children 4-14 are invited to join. For information, send email to:

Ministry of Hospitality – Ushers

Ministers of Hospitality-Ushers, prepare the presentation of the gifts, take up the collection and help keep the Church orderly as we worship the Lord! This Ministry is open to men, women, and young adults, 12 years and older. For information, direct email to:


Ministers of Hospitality-Greeters greet and welcome the Assembly prior to Mass. For information, direct email to:


Lectors PROCLAIM Word of God at liturgies throughout the year. The Lector arrives at Mass at least ten minutes early, prepared and practiced, using the Lectors workbook. Lectors are expected to avail themselves of training and formation sessions when scheduled. High School age and Adults are invited to become Ministers of the Word! For information, direct email to:

Revival Committee

The Revival Committee plans and prepares for the Annual Black Catholic Revival. The Revival fosters prayer and fellowship with various churches in and around the Joliet community. We are a catalyst for the Ecumenical Movement. We welcome additional hands, heart and minds to make this event a Spiritual Revival for ALL!