Our Parish

Who We Are

For over 130 years, we have been a strong Christian presence through worship and service on Joliet’s Southeast side.

We celebrate our Black spirituality and culture within a racially diverse parish community, although we welcome all visitors and new members from other faith traditions.

We advocate for the poor and marginalized within our Joliet area neighborhoods.

Our African American Catholicism

Can African Americans even be Catholic?
Of course! Take a look:

  • There are 3 million African American Catholics in the US.
  • We are one of nearly 800 African American Churches in the US.
  • At present, there are 15 living African American Bishops. Six US Diocese are headed by African American bishops, including one Archdiocese.
  • There are 250 African American priests, 437 deacons, and 75 men of African American decent study for the Priesthood in the US.
  • There are 400 African American religious sisters and 50 religious brothers.

We Welcome You!

In being such a welcoming community, we feature visitors and our very own parishioners each week. The more we know, the more we care!