Our Beloved Joseph “Joe” Adler

The Sacred Heart Family has lost our beloved and dedicated family member, Joseph “Joe” Adler. His life was celebrated at St. Raymond’s Cathedral with his family, friends and many Sacred Heart members in attendance. Sacred Heart knew him as a man dedicated to the survival of the parish. And he often participated in idea sessions to increase our membership. He would often remark that he couldn’t understand why we weren’t filled to the rafters.

There isn’t enough room in this bulletin to include all of the thoughts from the Sacred Heart family about Joe.

Below are just a few individuals remembrances.

Harry Leddy – Occasionally Joe would go to breakfast with Harry, Nancy and Larry. “We were always laughing and I have no idea what we were laughing about. But he would always leave you with a challenge of social consciousness. You’re laughing away and then you walk away and realize he ‘zinged’ you with a challenge regarding society.”

Nancy McCauley – Larry and Nancy put their younger son Michael in Britannica preschool over at St. Francis College because he missed his older brother, Patrick, when Patrick went to school. All Michael talked about was his teacher “Miss Jodie, Miss Jodie”. When Nancy came to Sacred Heart a number of years later, she discovered that Michael’s teacher was Jodie Adler. The McCauley’s met Jodie, her family and of course, Joe. Nancy expressed her feelings about the importance of Sacred Heart.

Deacon Ralph Bias – Bob Jones, Fr. Ray Lescher, Jack Rogers and Ralph Bias “always went out to dinner maybe once or twice a month.” Joe expressed his concern often about the survival of the church. Ralph recalls that Joe was very, very, very adamant about the front door of the church. He commented that if he was driving by and saw those front doors he would keep on driving. However, Ralph had assured him that there was someone who was going to come by and take a look at the doors to see what could be done. And that was satisfactory to Joe. And options were being explored!

There are so many things that can be said about Joe, just too little room in this bulletin