The Love Family Visits

On Sunday, March 18, Sacred Heart was visited by the Love Family – Deangelo and Corissa Love with their children, Laya, Deangelo Jr., and baby Dillon.

Dillon is seven months old, Deangelo Jr. is eleven years old, and Laya is thirteen. Laya and Deangelo Jr. attend Gompers Junior High School where Laya is in eighth grade and Deangelo Jr. is in sixth grade.

Deangelo Sr. indicated they had moved back to the area and that this was their first time (at Sacred Heart). Corissa says she “found it on line”. When asked what they thought about Sacred Heart service, Corissa responded “It was great. . . . I liked the atmosphere” and she felt welcome. Deangelo Sr. added “Everyone is so friendly.” They were asked if they would return and they responded “Definitely!”. Deangelo explained further. “We have a trip planned for next week” and Corissa stated that we would not “probably see them until Easter Sunday”.

Sacred Heart will be looking forward to seeing the Love Family on Easter Sunday.